Desktop Publishing

Tenerife News Newspaper

I left Pod1, initially to move back up to Norfolk to find Web Development work and be closer to my family, but right at this time I was offered the opportunity from an old friend, to re-design The Tenerife News newspaper and work on all the advertisement produced in-house.

Camberwell College to The Guardian Newspaper

On a parallel with the Printmaking development and the move into digital imaging, design opportunities emerged. During employment, from 1993 to 1996, as manager of the Camberwell College of Art shop, I purchased an Apple PowerMac computer with the view to building up my Desktop Publishing skills. The long term aim was to forge a career in Design and develop my Fine-Art Prints without the pressure of having to sell them to survive all the time, so I can experiment more. I was involved with Design projects in a studio I shared briefly before joining Artichoke and also gaining temporary DTP Production work in The Guardian Newspaper, In the Advertisement Design Department. I was taken on full time at The Guardian after a few months and stayed at the newspaper for five years until October 2001.

The thumbnails below run top to bottom, left to right, from early Design work to designs produced whilst employed at The Guardian Newspaper. Click on an image to take you to that piece.