Tenerife News Newspaper redesign

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After getting up to speed on The Tenerife News, designing advertisements and getting the newspaper ready for the printers, my first major task was to start the long process of the newspaper re-design. Everything was up for consideration, though one of the early desicions was to leave the Newspaper Masthead largely as it was,research confirmed the distinctive typeface (Algerian) was a strong brand. I just brightened the green colour, which before I introduced the colour management, after liasing with the printers, regularly printed too dark. There were lots of issues before with blurred images, adverts and dark photographs. Over the first few months these were overcome one at a time. A large part of the newspaper was printed in black and white, and since we had enough funds available, I pushed for inclusion of colour throughout, and increased the range of colours, which I felt also reflected the diverse range of colurs and textures found throughout the island.

The original Lookout supplements included white text printed on green, and blurred in almost every edition. I brightened the colours and introduced full page photographs. This was so well recieved that in the areas we concentrated on in each editon, local advertisers wanted to be included - and on the cover if possible.

Above is a pdf of an edition so you can view a typical edition online, here in my portfolio

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