Tenerife News 2009 - 2011

I left Pod1, initially to move back up to Norfolk to find Web Development work and be closer to my family, but right at this time I was offered the opportunity from an old friend, to re-design The Tenerife News newspaper and work on all the advertisement produced in-house. This was based out in North Tenerife, and I decided to give it a try. It went well on the work front, the new design was very well received on the Island, including the improvements I made to the print quality and standard of the adverts. But in the end though, it was being closer to my family that prompted me to leave in February 2011 and complete my move back to Norfolk to continue my career in Front End Development in East Anglia. Software experience for print includes QuarkXPress, Indesign & Pagemaker, Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator.

Some of the work I am proudest of here is the design for the newspapers The Lookout supplement, which focused on a different region of the island every issue, and because of the demands of advertisement to support the paper, I had to blend in the local adverts with the design of the pages.

Projects in this section

  • Tenerife News Adverts

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    Tenerife News Adverts

    Here is a small selection of the wide ranging designs and clients who advertised regularly in the Tenerife News.
  • Tenerife News Lookout Supplement

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    Tenerife News Lookout Supplement

    The Lookout was the Tenerife News window onto the beauty that lies beyond the brochures. A guide to the places to visit, from beaches to the mountains.
  • Tenerife News Newspaper redesign

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    Tenerife News Newspaper redesign

    My first major task was to start the long process of the newspaper re-design. Everything was up for consideration...