The Guardian Newspaper

DTP production work at The Guardian involved adverts scanned from bromides using Photoshop, and adverts created from instructions using QuarkXPress, and creativity put more on the back burner in most cases.

Eventually exciting colour work and creative work was introduced to our department, in the form of colour advertisements and banners for The Guardian Newspapers many magazines such as ‘Space’ and ‘Travel’.

Guardian Newspaper Duties:
DTP work using QuarkXPress, Photoshop & Illustrator, working on the newspapers Broadsheet & G2 sections and magazines; Duties included Quality control to meet Broadsheet and Magazine specifications on mono and colour reproduction.

  • Workflow Management, ensuring tight deadlines are met.  
  • Liaising with clients and IT and reproduction on solutions to technical,  
  • Delivery of electronic or physical media for print.  
  • Overseeing the general running of the department on specific Shifts each week.  
  • Archiving.  
  • Research into expansion of colour reproduction.  

Projects in this section

  • Guardian Display Advert Archive

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    Guardian Display Advert Archive

    Ifex Advertisements. Typical colour advertisement for The Guardian colour Magazines.