Printmaking & the Computer

In 1991 came my introduction to the computer, initially for collage work in compositions and a couple of year’s later employment with The Guardian Newspaper, in its Advertisement Display Department. I transferred drawings and collages onto film and then to zinc plate.

The Research program into Printmaking and the computer began at this time at Camberwell College, so after finishing the M.A. Fine-Art Printmaking course in the summer of 1993, I took over as manager of the Camberwell College Art shop and was one of the visiting artists on the research program. Run by the Late Tristan Humphries, and supported by Tony Wilson, Then head of MA Printmaking at Camberwell, now head of Brighton College of Art Printmaking. Naren Barfield, now Senior lecturer in Fine-Art at Wimbledon college of Art and design and George Whale, now at Loughborough College of Art and Design, current researching activities combining drawing and computational modeling. I was also involved with the influential Fine-Art Printmaking and the Computer Exhibition at the London Institute Head Office.

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