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Contract Work Archive

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BBC CBBC re-design 2007

BBC Future Media & Technology Department

After spending a year re-designing the CBeebies website, the BBC Future Media & Technology Department were given only three months to re-design the BBC CBBC website for a new school year September launch, I was given a seven week contract through Alegis Group to work on the HTML & CSS Table-free construction from photoshop designs.

The website had to use a lot of PNG image files, overlays and have html alternatives to the flash content, and be accessible. There was also the standard BBC templates for the top navigation, footer and service navigation to be included. Sections such as the Find it website search section, Javascript was introduced to dynamically add id’s and classes to BBC wide standard templates to enable use of such techniques as The Shea Enhancement on page titles (visit the next page which describes the Find it search section).

I was one of two CSD’s (Client-Side Developers) working on the CSS layout, I dealt with the central sections, Home, Grab, Create, watch and find, and my colleague worked on changes to sub-sections like Blue Peter, for example, to make sure new navigation integrated with the new CBBC design.

CSS had to be laid out to BBC specifications, working with a large team made up of two Designers, Flash designers and Actionscript coders, Javascript coders and SSSI logic experts, working with Content management departments and BBC CBBC channnel co-ordinators.

Click here to visit the BBC CBBC website, these are pages still using the design from 2007.

One Shoe - Channel Five News

One Shoe are part of the Clinic agency, based in Farringdon, London. The major project I completed during my time with them was the XHTML and CSS coding of the templates for the 2006 Channel Five News website. Other work for Clinic, and their smaller digital agency, One Shoe, included websites for Base London, Bench and Westworld.

De-construct Digital Agency

I had a two week contract building the XHTML and CSS Templates for the Carat website. Some PHP work was involved in that they wanted the background graphic to change on every refresh of the web page. This site has now been update recently.

Them London

An Integrated advertising agency based in Mortlake, London and founded in 1992. Through Workstation Solutions I have been contracted to them to work on a number of website and newsletter projects. Original designs can be seen below for Waxaway and Inforad, and an example of a L’Oréal Newsletter.

Sheppard Day

Sheppard Day website updates

I have had three Freelance contracts at Sheppard day, updating the online Annual reports of Bunzl, The Advertising Standards Authority Annual Report 2004 and updates to the Sheppard Day website.


Interactive Department

Spent two months in total this year working with the Accenture Interactive Director on a number of internal projects and outsourcing web Design & Coding services to Oxfam, Williams Formula One and BP.

Internal projects included Newsletters, a redesign of the Accenture IT Technology intranet and I was also involved in designing a traditional Marketing brochure using QuarkXPress. Accenture have very strict and detailed Corporate Identity which had to be considered in all our internal design projects. I cannot give out URL’s and examples of many Internal projects or projects like Oxfam. But if required, The Interactive Director I worked with will be a referee for me. Please contact me about this.

Oxfam: Oxfam produce a series of Powerpoint training tools for Organising their activities in different countries, involving solutions for ordering and distributing supplies to training relief workers. My task was to produce a website which could be accessed around the globe.

Williams Formula One: A short Flash movie was designed for the first two races of 2006. I worked on producing the racing car images and Illustrator files of the racing tracks for importing into the Flash movies which the Interactive Director was working on.

Accenture Techonolgy Intranet:  A redesign of the Accenture Intranet which links all the Technological resources within the organisation.

Saatchi & Saatchi

Royal Navy Website

Contracted to Saatchi & Saatchi head office in Charlotte Street, London W1A 1AQ. I was employed in the production of duo-tone photoshop images for a number of the indivdual pages that are dedicated to ships and bases on the 2006 Royal navy website.

Sage Associates

I spent six months at sage, mostly working on the SageXPS content management system, which has a set XHTML sheet. The challenge was to produce differently designed websites from this single XHTML document. Projects included Governace Good Practice and Local Space, examples can be seen below. Other work included intranet websites for BP using their content management system.