Fred Olsen Cruises

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Fred Olsen Cruise Lines website still remains one of my favourite sites to return to and look at, I think it was very well designed and looks beautiful, with an array of fantastic photographs.

One of the last websites to be built using the Pod1 Gutenberg Content Management System, it remains a highly interactive website with the lovely use of flash for the display of decks within the ships and use of Google Maps API to display up to date information on ship locations and projected cruises.

A two phases project, after the intial launch of the website, a detailed booking system was integrated, with factilities to update, browse intineries and book excursions.

I also think this site displays the best use of SIFR font replacement I have been involved with. This site was made when the team worked more as a collective on a project, no one person being the Lead Developer.

To pick out areas, I produced XHTML and CSS to style the homepage, the right icon menu on ship descriptions on the first stage of the website launch, but my main contributions was the styling of the sections for “My Cruises” when the booking engine was introduced in stage 2 (Though you have to register and login to see more).