Fur Feather and Fin

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Fur, Feather and Fin moved their existing site across to the MI Commerce platform, there was a degree of redesign throughout their website to accomodate new functionality, the product departments, product listings and product detail pages, but the design did not change redically from the previous version. The website’s underlying structure was all new, so this did involve new html and CSS.

A simple JQuery rotator was used for the homepage main banner and product links. The product department navigation is generated dynamically by the ASP, and as such any styling for “Offers”, “Best Buys” and “What’s New” required jQuery to add css styles to the code. Main department levels and sub departments required JQuery to complete the final row of department listings with pre-set banners if the final row has less than four departments.

Other javascript functions that were required to be written required the outputted ASP to be formatted so it can be styled for the “Special Offers” and “Complte the Look” sections on some product detail pages.A good example of this can be found here: Oxford Checked shirts

Contact Us and Free Catalogue request pages are generated by XML and an understanding of how the XMl structure within the MI Commerce ASP was required to help produce any unique forms. My tasks also involved creating the templates for the Content Magaement system for all static pages, and dynamic pages/sections, such as the press release pages and website banners.

Original approved designs can be found here: Fur Feather and Fin design updates