Projects 2004 Archive

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Projects 2004 Archive

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Corporate Career Sites

In 2001, Workthing acquired PeopleBank, whose technology powers corporate career site services. Our department was given the opportunity of designing and implementing Careers websites that complement a clients corporate site, and we also create the code that is standards compliant and works across the most popular platforms and browsers.

Workthing’s design team has designed most of the Careers sites that we have been commissioned to produce in the last two years. Examples you can view are Tussauds, Elizabeth Arden and Corus Hotels, Sports Soccer and Marks & Spencer. These sites were designed and implemented by my colleagues, sites I have designed and helped implement include The Scotsman Newspaper Jobs, Portakabin Careers and UCI Cinemas.

On many an occasion like Barclays, I had to adhere strictly to corporate style guidelines, or create the code and produce the working site from flat visuals that an agency has supplied. I also had to create working navigation systems to complement these designs. Woolworth careers is a good example of this, as the designs were supplied by Blitz design agency for me to interprete.

Included below are a few of the projects we designed proposals for during the year