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These websites are an online portal for Yahoo!‘s B2B sector and allow Yahoo! to showcase their portfolio and communicate with potential and existing customers.

The sites have been designed by Pod1 and developed using Pod1’s Epifony CMS (based on the Symfony framework). The modular approach to template development in Epifony meant that templates could be recycled for each region, adjusted where necessary, and minimising cost for the client.

The Epifony CMS allows Yahoo! to edit all areas of the website in-house, and SEO-friendly controls mean that Yahoo!staff can also optimise content directly within the CMS.

I produced the original templates for the UK website, of which the best example can be seen in the main image above, there have been a few changes made up till now, as this was the first Symfony based website and dvelopemnt of the page structure changed as the build moved towards the final live version.

Global Website: Visit the Site UK website: Visit the Site France website: Visit the Site Italy website: Visit the Site Spain website: Visit the Site