Workthing Newsletters

Started designing and coding newsletters in 2004 for the Workthing Marketing Department, this entailed everything from concepts for the illustration then coding up the final newsletter design and testing on various operating systems.

During the last year I have worked on the L’Oréal Professional and Consumer monthly newsletters and the companion microsite, and Kérastase Newsletters when freelancing at ThemLondon (Visit the ThemLondon page of the Freelance section).
I also worked on Nokia Newsletters when employed at Haygarth.

I have freelanced for Accenture Interactive Creative Department since February 2006, and projects there included designing and coding internal company Newsletters for Accenture technology departments and BP.
I have coded Newsletters in HTML transitional 4.01 and XHTML using in-line CSS styles.

Projects in this section

  • Psychometric Testing

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    Psychometric Testing

    Something of a catch-all for any online candidate questionnaires, tests, and filtering tools.
  • Buyer Beware

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    Buyer Beware

    According to the latest Workthing E-Recruitment Study, 47% of UK recruiters intend to invest more of their recruitment spend online.
  • Diversity Challenge

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    Diversity Challenge

    The Internet has helped break down boundaries in all sorts of ways, not least in the workplace.
  • Stakeholder Engagement

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    Stakeholder Engagement

    Before forging ahead with your new-fangled ‘e’ system, don’t forget the feet-dragging but significant few.