Workthing Projects 2003

This and the next section, Projects 2004, show examples of design for Workthing and PeopleBank sales pitches. These show how a companies career profile may be represented on our site and how a Careers site may look if implemented using PeopleBank technology. Vacancy advertisement on Workthing can be styled to reflect the companies corporate brand.

‘Display adverts’ as they are called, can be very effective as part of many sales pitches, we design adverts for the Workthing sales team to present in persuading companies to advertise with Workthing.

Another means of advertising on Workthing are called ‘Company Hubs’ which are mini sites that show the background and culture of companies that use Workthing. Normally they are designed in the same style as the companies corporate website.

All pages except the first ‘Early Projects’, concentrate on a single design pitch, accompanied by a short explanation of the aims of the pitch and the ideas behind the visuals and examples of its evolution.

Workthing Production Duties:

  • Design, coding and implementation of Career ASP sites for major UK companies, these include The Scotsman Newspaper, Portakabin, Quarriers, UCI Cinemas and Woolworths      
  • The composition of adverts, company profile pages, micro sites, corporate careers sites, banners and buttons which accurately represent the individual branding of our clients.      
  • Checking and processing digitally supplied banners from clients and other web sites      
  • Archiving.      
  • Up loading graphics onto our web site.      

Projects in this section

  • Projects 2003 Archive

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    Projects 2003 Archive

    Micro-sites that I designed and built to show background information of the companies that advertise vacancies on the Workthing website.