Smatloan 2014

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Smartloan evolved from an ASP.Net web forms site to an MVC4 website after I took over s Senior Developer. The Umbraco CMS was also upgraded to version 6, which can be built in MVC. The basic styling of the site also based on Bootstrap 3. Up until then the websites application forms were controlled through iframes from a third party supplier who host the backend application process and administration of loans.

We wanted greater control of the application forms, and decrease the long turnaround times for change requests and testing, especially with the enormous range of today’s PC’s, tablets and smart phones. We moved onto another supplier of a loans administration package from Anchor ( They host a web service, so I built the application forms in a separate MVC area which I could integrate with the Umbraco CMS to supply local content and the web service from Anchor.
With all this in mind I set about building Smartloan again, from the ground up, with Scott Robinson taking over the role of Creative Developer.

The Smartloan calculator was also built, this links into the CMS where the basic settings for APR and loan amounts can be set and updated quickly. A separate loan SQL database and stored procedures have also been added recently.