Introduction to the company

Smartloan, founded in 2012 aims to position itself and it’s instalment loan service between the mainstream banks and the payday loan. if you are looking for an unsecured loan of under £2000 and are unable or do not want to borrow from a bank or other mainstream lender, your only alternative is a payday loan. That is, if you needed the money relatively quickly and do not want to end up with someone making collections on your doorstep. For a period between late 2012 and early 2013 my role was split between the Turnkey Mortgages portfolio of websites and Smartloan as Front End Developer, and all the time expanding my knowledge of ASP.Net and C# and helping out with the back end Development of the websites. After our Senior Developer left CT Capital in March 2012 I took on the role as Senior Developer and concentrated my efforts on Smartloan.

Projects in this section

Smartloan on Facebook

integration of Smartloan with the leading Social on-line portal

Create Your Smartloan

MVC4 Smartloan Calculator, application and document upload forms

Smatloan 2014

In my new role as Senior Web Developer I moved Smartloan onto Umbraco 6 CMS, using MVC4 and C#. An API feeds text to sub domain sites to allow content to be controlled from one location.