MI Commerce 2011

MI Commerce is a multi channel software solution that was created for any small or medium sized enterprise (SME) that manufactures, retails, resells, wholesales or distributes a physical product. Its purpose is to enable such organisations to automate each aspect of their entire business process. It is able to synchronise data from your web site and vice-versa.

MI Commerce had been developing this product since 2005 and my role, which started in March 2011, was to take over the front end styling of new projects coming on board and maintenance work for existing clients.

The MI Commerce client websites and software run on a ASP.Net enviournment, so I have built up some experience of working within this framework, working with the projects Lead Developer. Modify existing frameworks, static and dynamic to meet the requirements in building new websites.

MI Commerce went into liquidation in October 2011 and I was made redundant.

MI Commerce have since been taken over by Red2Black Innovations Ltd, based in Newmarket, Suffolk.

Visit NetXtra, who took over the MI Commerce website

Duties included:

  • XHTML, CSS, JavaScript/JQuery, AJAX, XML,and other client side technologies, and demonstrate a flair for layout, usability and UI design.
  • Development of client web sites to specifications and designs provided.
  • Ongoing development and optimisation of the core ecommerce system.
  • Assistance with customer support to address issues and implement changes requested by the customer.
  • Provision of support to the sales team to assist in the production of requirements specifications.
  • The continued proactive maintenance and enhancement of existing client sites so they remain in line with the business processes of the company and the constantly evolving expectations of their end users.
  • Follow - and contribute to - mi's project management process and methodology.
  • Keeping up with developments in the industry and implementing new techniques and technologies where appropriate.
  • Building good long-term relationships with clients and your colleagues to facilitate the delivery of the highest standards of customer service.