Aspinal of London

I spent a lot of time on Aspinals during my early days at Pod1. Soon after joining I took over the responsibility to finish the build for launch, coding the original homepage, footer, static content pages such as "Aspinals in the Press" and fine tuning the product listings and building the product detail pages.

Aspinals ran on the Pod1 Gutenberg CMS

The homepage was re-designed in July 2009, with a less cluttered, cleaner look to improve the user experience.

Aspinal of London homepage

Pod1 aspinaloflondon com section detail

Aspinal of London landing page

Pod1 aspinaloflondon com productlist detail

Aspinal of London product page

Pod1 aspinaloflondon com cataloque detail

Aspinal of London catalogue detail

Pod1 aspinaloflondon com productdetail detail

Aspinal of London product detail

Pod1 aspinaloflondon com press detail

Aspinal of London press and media