Pursuit 2012

Introduction to the company & software

Pursuit, based up in Rackheath, Norfolk, just outside Norwich, is an established second generation software vendor providing professional solutions to its chosen marker sectors. Pursuit is a specialist retail software system which is fully integrated for point of sale or stock tracking. Sales and stock qualities are there at your fingertips within the shop. Customer purchases can also be put through the system, so it can also be used as a till. Lifestyle is the name given to the new generation of this software, which dovetails into the established system.

Lifestyle introduces a new way to sell, "the traditional till point becomes a thing of the past. The point of sale medium can be either iPad, BlackBerry, Android-based or other hand-held device. A laptop or PC can also be used if required. Instant access is given to supplier" product images, choices can be suggested and selections browsed before items taken out of display cases. Lifestyle is built to handle payments, insurance and emailing of receipt to customers. Customer information is captured for future marketing and instantly feeds sales details to stock tracking and control records.

HTML5, CSS and JavaScript based, most of the pages are generated using Ajax calls to the database as searches are completed or sales carried out.

Lifestyle was launched at the end of April 2012. I was contracted to Pursuit for the five weeks leading up to this to bring a fresh approach to styling the information presented on many of the pages. The overall look and feel had already been designed in the 'book' style interface. Most of the results of product searches, customer information, stock supplies and sales was presented in the form of tables, when more information was displayed on the page than could be accommodated by the limited screen size, the layout became broken on many occasions.

I introduced a carousel JQuery based solution, changing the Ajax JavaScript to output div and span based markup. This was then styled using JQuery to produce compact carousels where the long lists of information could be scrolled through.

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Pursuit application on an iPad

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Photograph displaying a store item displayed on an iPad