Turnkey 2012 - 2013

Journey from Frontend development to Full Stack

The role covered brand development and design, frontend web development and content management systems which are ASP.NET based using the Umbraco CMS.

I am expanded my knowledge and experience of ASP.NET and Microsoft Visual Studio as we develop the functionality, including user controls for online application forms, blogs and news feeds, and began to understand the MVC set up to build Razor page templates, partials, Models, Controllers and Umbraco Surface Controllers.

I was also introduced to using Windows IIS in setting up test and development environments.

We based the building of sites on the Bootstrap framework.

Turnkey Landlords used illustrative backgrounds when I joined, which I developed further, using Adobe Illustrator to produce more richer backgrounds. In parallel to this we designed a more modern user experience for Turnkey Landlords and a series of sister sites for Mortgages, Bridging loans and Life insurance.

I moved on to another Norfolk Capital company, Smartloan.

Turnkey Landlords, Mortgages, Bridging and Life were merged into one new company Commercial Trust Limited, Commercial Trust.