Web Display Advertisement Designer


Work started with the design of Display Advertisements for the Workthing website, and within a few months we started to design micro-sites for our main clients, which we hosted, to briefly introduce companies to potential employees.

Careers websites

Workthing then purchased PeopleBank, who built and hosted major careers websites for major UK companies. We were encouraged to produce designs for these sites, as, until then, these were produced and built by third parties. My first accepted design was for Barclays Bank careers website. Further projects developed from this from the confidence gained from the success of the Barclays website.

In my efforts at teaching myself the latest techniques in web building, I coded, in HTML and CSS a table free version of the Barclays website.

Workthing Newsletters.

Workthing produced a number of careers based newsletters, with such themes as online recruitment tests and diversity within the workforce.

Significant Achievements

  • Designed and HTML/CSS coded the pages for the biggest careers site for Workthing’s biggest customer to date (Barclays) with lots of content and user
  • Designed what was considered the most public facing job site (
  • Along with my fellow Display Ad Designer, we played a very proactive role in revolutionizing our involvement in the way we pitch for work and implement ASPs. Design for ASPs was moved onto our design team, before this ASPs were designed and coded by outside design agencies.
  • Implement WC3 web accessibility guidelines to level 1 and best practice.
  • Added hand coding skills in HTML and CSS.
  • Professional attitude when visiting clients and ability to explain ideas to clients that are not technology literate. Specifically impressed in a visit to UCI headquarters in Manchester.