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Designing and building HTML newsletters

Table built HTML email campaigns were assigned in turn to us Web Designers. These newsletters were my first commercial use of hand coded HTML and CSS I had been teaching myself in my spare time.

The following text explains the themes behind the four examples below.

Psychometric Testing

These articles are about the growing use of screening tests with online job applications to help hone down the shortlist of candidates for vacancies. I went off on a Sigmund Freud tangent, focusing on the workings of the brain and directions in life, which eventually evolved towards a futuristic profile developed from an old drawing by Leonardo da Vinci.

Stakeholder Engagement

Before forging ahead with your new-fangled system, don't forget the feet-dragging but significant few - users, line managers, and even senior execs - who risk seriously slowing down your system implementation. So how to secure their support?

Diversity Challenge

The Internet has helped break down boundaries in all sorts of ways, not least in the workplace. Online recruitment is proving to be an effective weapon against racism and discrimination and a powerful tool for hiring a diverse and effective workforce

Buyer Beware

According to the latest WorkThing E-Recruitment Study, 47% of UK recruiters intend to invest more of their recruitment spend online. If you already have the front end careers site and ads on jobs boards, then a full online system that allows you to accept online application forms, screen candidates, mine talent and handle response is the next logical step. But how to pick the best supplier from the increasing array on offer?

Psychometric Testing main image

Workthing psychometric newsletter

Psychometric Testing HTML newsletter

Workthing psychometric detail concepth

Psychometric Testing - alternative main image

Workthing stakeholder newsletter

Stakeholder Engagement Newsletter

Workthing stakeholder main detail

Stakeholder Engagement Newsletter image

Workthing diversitychallenge newslettervi

Stakeholder Engagement Newsletter image

Workthing diversitychallenge concepta

Diversity Challenge Engagement Newsletter image

Workthing buyerbeware newsletter

Buyer Beware Engagement Newsletter

Workthing buyerbeware main detail

Buyer Beware Engagement Newsletter image

Workthing buyerbeware conceptc

Buyer Beware Engagement Newsletter image concept 1

Workthing buyerbeware conceptb

Buyer Beware Engagement Newsletter image concept 2