Smartloan 2013 - 2015

In 2013 I moved across to Smartloan and was tasked with the complete rebuild of the website, in Umbraco and the supporting systems to process applications.

Once my design was agreed to by senior management, view templates and partials, Umbraco form surface controllers and website form models coded for the main application form journey.

A internal services domain was created as a central point where applications were passed to, and added to the MS SQL databases that I designed, using a lot of stored procedures to manage the input and output of customer data and customer security.

“Anchor Computer Systems is a specialist in end-to-end software solutions for the instalment credit industry”. We used their client management systems and API.

Using criteria set up in Anchor, the ‘proposal’ from the customer would be passed to the services application which processed calls to and from Anchor through their secure API, so the client could receive an immediate response to their loan application.

Other technologies were employed such as a third-party API’s for checking email addresses, mobile numbers and a postcode look up for pre-filling form data. A third-party messaging service was also included so clients could be kept up to date with the progress of their application after consenting to the use of their mobile number for these purposes.

Facebook hosted a micro-site so applications could be made directly from the Facebook website.

Duties included:

  • Visual Studio, ASP.NET web forms and MVC4. MSSQL Database management and stored procedures.
  • Umbraco Content management system v6/v7.
  • Design and Rebuilt Smartloan in MVC4 with separate MVC areas integrating with the Umbraco CMS and Web Services.
  • JavaScript, JSON and Ajax. CSS3 and HTML5.
  • Website IIS security.
  • Google Analytics code to track applications and client movements about the website in terms of improving customer experience.
  • Creation of Windows services that run every day on the web server.
  • Website design updates, build, testing and ongoing development.
  • Newsletter design and builds.
Smartloan on Facebook
Date: 2014 / smartloan
Smartloan on Facebook

A 'Create your Smartloan' microsite was built and using the Facebook Developer section, it could be hosted within the Facebook website

Smartloan Redesign
Date: 2014 / smartloan
Smartloan Redesign

A selection of views displaying some of the pages from the main Smartloan website, including homepage, About us page, search results, document upload, contact us form, the Smartloan Blog and FAQs

Create your Smartloan
Date: 2013 / smartloan
Create your Smartloan

A selection of views displaying some of the pages in the Smartloan application form, including the Loan Calculator and upload documents page